A Date to Remember, 10/10/2020
Featured Wedding: Jessica & Johnny
Wedding Date: October 10, 2020

The Meet Cute

We both attended Whiskey for Wishes on September 21, 2018. When I walked in I saw Johnny looking at one of the silent auction paintings. We smiled at each other but went on with our evening. I finally had enough liquid courage to go up and introduce myself with the help of a friend. After we were introduced we chatted until the event was ending and it was like we had known each other a long time!

The Proposal

I proposed to Jessica on my birthday in front of the Alamo. Having been born and raised in San Antonio this spot is of great significance to me. The Alamo was a fire starter for the Independence of Texas. I feel meeting Jessica was a fire starter for me. The Alamo was also a sight where few stood against many, knowing ther would be no reinforcements coming to their aid, having been denied by other Texans and the United States. A marriage is something one should stand for no matter the difficulty and no matter if anyone has your back. If you love someone you should fight for them. The men and women at the Alamo knew it was worth fighing for. That’s why I proposed to Jessica in front of the Alamo because I love her and I will stand for her always and forever.

The Vendor Team

Photo: Gaby Caskey Photography
Video: Yours Truly Media
Planner/Cake: Flour and Bloom Events
DJ: Vega’s Entertainment
Dress: I Do The Dress I Do
Bar: Pour Horse

Why did you choose Sendera Springs?

We have always loved the Texas Hill country, when we were looking for a venue we came across Sendera Springs and they were still under construction. We drove from San Antonio to have a venue tour and Hannah painted a beautiful picture of what the venue would be at the end of the construction. Johnny and I took a leap of faith on the venue because we loved the location, the family run dynamics and the fact that the picture painted to us was one that fit both of our dreams for our wedding day. We haven’t been disappointed or worried with our choice at all. Sendera Springs is one of the best venues around!

Advice for Future Couples

Our advice to future couples would be to always fight for what you felt in the “honeymoon” stage. That feeling shouldn’t fade away as time goes by, it’s something that should always be felt by both of you.