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We Discovered Our Dream in a Magazine

Crazy right?

About Sendera Springs

Flipping through a Texas Monthly Ranch Magazine, Hannah’s dad Clayton was only looking for a potential retirement home and a place for the grand-kids to come over to. A venue was never really a thought until one ranch in the Hill Country caught his eye. Hannah had been working for a wedding venue at the time and had mentioned to her dad that one day she would like to open one herself. Well that dream came true sooner than later. After purchasing the ranch from the magazine, the new journey became official in April 2019.

Hannah (red head) having experience with wedding venues and learning from the best, she has taken what she has learned about service and catering to others and has applied those to Sendera Springs to give you the ultimate relaxing and enjoyable day. Being a Hostess herself and seeing how much it impacts and helps the day run smoothly, Hannah brought the idea with her to apply to your wedding day.

Also pictured and seen working on wedding days are Hannah’s mom Kay and husband Austin.

Our family’s passion for serving and caring for others is what led us to opening Sendera Springs. We genuinely care about each and every person that steps foot onto our ranch. We like hosting weddings and events because we want others to fall in love with our ranch just like we did.

We would be honored to be a part of your big day and for you to become part of our family.

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